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The Texas hill country has become our home. The songs from my last CD, Barbed Wire, came about as I worked the land here and my old Alvarez read the signs. The land, my Alvarez, and now an old Gibson J50  have finally done it!  “Blessed By The West” is  done. 

Blessed By The West

My new CD, Blessed By The West, had a pre-release for the fan club on 4/22/2024!  

The official release is 9/2024! 

We have great news! See below in News section

You can purchase the Blessed By The West CD or download now by going to the store page

We are so excited! Our Release CD Party will be 10/27/2024 at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, Tx. 12:30-4:30pm. This is a free show. We will welcome lots of wonderful special guests!

The link will let you download a free single from the new CD, I Wanna Go Home.

Keep an eye on the show page and come out and see us!

My girl, Luxy.



As of last the last few days, we have signed with Adam Dawson, Broken Jukebox Media, and Berkalin Records! We are so excited about both of these wonderful companies and the amazing people who make these companies what they are. The new release date for Blessed By The West  is 9/2024! So Adam can do what he does best. Keep an eye on the show page we are booking daily. 

See you out there.


Just push the link above for a free download of the single, I Wanna Go Home.




My occasional co-write Henry is working with me on a new songs. He prefers to sleep in Merel's Stetson and only look up and glare when I am doing something stupid. He is a cat :)





 The International Western Music Association has been such a blessing for us. We have met so many wonderfully talented and kind people there in the last 2 years. Please go to the website via the link above and check out this wonderful organization and amazing artists!



Keep an eye out for some great CDs being released in 2024…Brian Kalinec,  Randy Palmer, Jim Jones, and Carol Markstrom, all have wonderful projects coming out!




It has been a few years and I always thank the CMA of Texas for  awarding me with Best Western Song 2019, Barbed Wire, and, Vocalist of the year 2019. I really don't see these often they are up in the Cribworks Studio but when I do, they remind me to just work harder.

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